Name and Shame

Here you will find a list of thieves and the morons that have given public and private support to them. . . Stay tuned, a W.I.P. !!


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  1. Tkkg1994 :

    Well this guy is a “recognized” thief at Kangland and has been stealing my proprietary contributions for quite some time. He even admits he’s a “THIEF” . . . . This is the kind of person that doesn’t really encourage collaboration when 99% of “his” work is either kanged or STOLEN from others. Take a look at his GitHub and you will find my propriety Copyright (c) permission notices removed and also omitting credit etc. This is ILLEGAL. I have every right to make my original RAMDISK scripts & modified code EXCLUSIVE. He is such a pathetic POS, you can see in the email transcript how he begs to use my work. I was quite polite in the refusal, considering his past history of stealing my work . . . .


    VoLTaqe :

    Pretty much along the same lines as the above thief. He’d been reported for stealing to Kangland Mod “the MORONivan” last year. He now uses recognized thief Tkkg1994 scripts he’s illegally extracted from my kernels. Due to his past infractions, he is fully aware whom is the original author.


    SpiritualWarrior :

    This guy original username at Kangland was “SETOUF” and came to my thread wishing to kang my kernel. He wanted to re-badge it. Now, I told him to search the source, and if he actually bothered, would have found either the commits(s) or the code . . . . Useless or lazy? I would say BOTH! Instead, he launched a tirade against myself and others, and then continued to flame (once he worked it out) a MONTH later with a few screenshots with derogatory remarks. He released “his” kernel as Xtreme kernel at Samsung Vietnam site under the username “SpiritualWarrior” and then during my absence (unjustified one month ban described below), changed his Kangland username from”SETOUF” to “SpiritualWarrior”. He proceeded to release “his” Xtreme kernel at Kangland using my SkyHigh v 3.4 as the base. Further commits were meaningless. He credited a few users, but deliberately omitted myself as to hide the fact he was not the actual builder. He continued to refuse to acknowledge my MAJOR contribution (he just essentially rename the source) and was supported by various Moderators, including KennyG123, garth etc. They wanted my source repo (at the time had my threads and work closed) so he could properly commit the work. After the previous shenanigans, WTF would/should I !! To this day, his deceit has been covered up (supported) by Kangland Moderators, and no action taken to reflect the real contributor to that work.

    malybru :

    Later on, I again made an official report on SpiritualWarrior, and Moderator “malybru” handled the case. When I say “handled”, I gave him I timeline of events and links to various posts and threads. I also gave access to my source, and clear instructions on how to diff the Xtreme source commits to my repo. Screenshots of the process made it idiot-proof. A month later, he was still hand-bagging the report. Just goes to show how many of these “unbiased” mods may not be so…….. obviously complicit in the lies and deception to those members and users. Also shows the level of respect to someone who had spent years contributing to the site, and in MOST cases, BLIND development for the majority of devices not owned or in-hand.


    KennyG123 :

    Unlike his claims, has absolutely no clue about GPL and kernel development at all. His attempt to tell me that the Samsung Note5 boot.img was part of the ramdisk and I could not Copyright (c) my proprietary work. What an idiot. He’s also I believe responsible for fabrication a one month ban last year, which was publicly re-cindered. The ban was for apparently for “re-adding a screenshot” (which showed an idiot Mod “jcase” post). That screen-shot just goes to show how some just shoot their mouth off and believe there is no consequences. I made an official complaint to Kenny, and before you know it, I was banned. I never “re-added” anything, and server records would have proven that and the perpetrator behind it! Just before I permanently left (banned), my signature was once gain being modified/hacked without consent nor notice given. I alerted “admin” (whoever the faceless person was), but most likely one on Kenny’s coward cronies.


    Darth :

    Well, he was spreading lies in PM and complicit with KennyG123 in fabricating source “non-compliance”. He gave me 12 hours to comply, most of that time I was sleeping. What a moron ! In my thread, I had stated that anyone just ask. That does NOT make anything non-compliant at all. Source only needs to be made available upon request! Perhaps those preaching need to read and comprehend the license before shooting their mouth off.

    The Sickness :

    Well, this is yet another recognized thief. He visted one of my threads and claimed that I was not the original author of many scripts and code related to my Synapse UCI implementation. He had been using my (previously shared) work without any mention of credit for my contributions. I did challenge him to ask me about any of the modified or original code. I could provide the kernel release for that change or in many cases, commit reference.

    He also has a Samsung kernel compile guide using build scripts based upon (now old and outdated) my own extensive modifications and refused to provide credit. He credits the original author “halaszk” but refused to acknowledge me at all! I provided the diff between halaszk and my scripts, and the majority of it was far and away different to the original. Although I had majorly reworked those scripts to the point of being “new”, I still left credit to him in the script as a sign of respect for the previous collaboration we had. This is how it works! We anyway, Kangland Mod “Banana-man” had to intervene and he added the credit to his thread, and not at The Sickness’s own choice. This guy is just another example how to climb the Kangland ladder on the back of other hard working and contributing members. Go on, have a look through his profile. You won’t find a single “original” development contribution, so how the fuck does he have the title “developer”? By stealing work and credits from contributions of other members?

    ***** MORE TO COME – STAY TUNED ******



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