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  1. Hi all, it looks like those half-witted XDA Moderators with a single digit IQ level have taken it upon themselves to fabricate bedtimes stories and BAN me. . .

    Having spent and SHARED for much of my time there, and particularly for many many various that I do not own makes me “selfish”. A bunch of whiny pin dicks.

    Excuse me for that Xtreme kernel dipstick stealing SkyHigh kernel v3.4 and passing it off as his own, and without a shed of credit to the actual builder (UpInTheAir). Excuse me for pointing out and insisting to the Mods that that klong viet ROM refused to provide source and was being supported by XDA in a “discussion” thread. And guess who was behind it all, KennyG123. He openly and privately supported this !

    This Moderator and others refused to provide EVIDENCE and back up their statements posted within PMs and the forums. I have seen some of his posts are now conveniently edited after the fact ,. . . . He thinks people were born yesterday. He thinks I actually care. Not as much as he may expect. He thinks I don’t have a tonne more screenshots to back up my claims. He thinks wrong. I just expose a teaser of his idiocy, believe me there is plenty more that can further substantiate all of my claims and show his real mental capacity. . . .

    UpInTheAir DropBox

    Interesting and enjoyable reading :


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    1. thx man.. without your kernel the most roms dont work on s6 edge plus… i have panic because in xda forum all download links are removed..i use a lot of note 5 roms with no kernel and with kernel (but for note 5) and without your kernel the rom dont boot on s6 edge plus ..
      i google long time and i’m so happy that i found your website…and the best kernel*-*
      xda is shit!!
      thx for your work ๐Ÿ™‚
      i though you removed all links.. i was so angry but until i heard youre banned i’m sorry for it
      best wishes for your work

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      1. No problem mate. I’m not sorry, nor angry. I’m happy i don’t have to put up with their hypocrisy and fabrication of lies. They actually had no EVIDENCE that would warrant any sort of action against me, so they deflect and make shit up. I knew it would come eventually because of the total drivel they post publicly and in PM. I just started ignoring it. …

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  2. Hello, UpInTheAir.

    I’ve downloaded your kernel and will install it soon!
    Also saw you was banned from the XDA but I hope you keep making this great work with kernels.

    I’ll use it with the A8 port and as soon as I have tested I’ll post here a feedback about.
    Saw you are not working on AOD and I can ensure to you, on KhongLoi Rom, it’s not working properly. The battery is draining very fast. So as per my experience, this function is not useful if you want some battery.

    Glad to find the blog still up!

    Cheers mate!

    Lรฉo Oliveira.


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    1. I actually ported all that UX stuff from N920K source just for test. I never committed and release because :

      1. I hate Korean variant source
      2. I’m now just using device specific source ( not merged)
      3. UX kernel (AoD) doesn’t work on stock TW ROM, so that would involve double the kernels to maintain.
      4. I use stock TW, so won’t bother until my variant has official UX firmware and source released.

      I just kept the patches I created. Long ago I ported it from the A8 source, just for fun, then deleted it all……

      Have fun with the kernel, still a release or two yet !


  3. Hello!

    The kernel is working like a charm but the “Synapse” app is showing the message: No UCI support detected.

    What I have to do to solve it? I really want to use it.

    I already re-installed the kernel but remains the same.
    *I’m using A8 port ROM.

    Regards mate.


  4. I’m sure there was another reply on here. I just woke up, hope I didn’t accidentally deleted it ! I thought it was about No UCI support ?

    There is info in the FAQ & Help section, did you read and follow that?
    Are you using the busybox that came with the kernel?
    Do you have a supported device ? But you should have posted all this info as above.
    Do you have a directory “/res” and file “/sbin/SkyHigh.sh” ?
    Is your ROM using outdated and unsupported SYSTEM-MODE root method ? SkyHigh does NOT support this. Tell your ROM cook to get with the times and finally fix it. System mode is old and depreciated. Chainfire nor SkyHigh kernel supports it !!

    If you have a folder such as this, then get rid of the “crap” : http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3941442&d=1479545967

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  5. Hey Captain!

    Firstly, thank you very much mate.

    About the comment, you are very right about my doubt, and yes, I should make a better troubleshoot.

    Anyway, after a big search and many, many tries, I found that “crap” you mentioned (on xda). The problem was the file “991copy”, I just deleted the file and “voilรก” it starts work.

    ++The Kernel is working perfectly. Device is smooth, fast and the battery is great.
    ++You’re the man.

    I’m not an expert on this area so sorry for my idiots doubts.


    Lรฉo Oliveira.

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    1. I suggest to delete as much crap as you can and don’t let the ROM interfering with a perfectly good kernel and it’s optimisation. Some script may be ok, such as Viper4Android etc though

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    1. You already have sound settings in SkyHigh kernel. That’s all I’m concerned with, not supporting outside projects anymore. Too many useless thieves from Kangland. I have enough to deal with as it is having so many builds. That’s the reality.


    1. No “kernels” aren’t part of GPLv2, only the compiled Image binaries. After what’s happened at XDA, at this time I’m only going to bother share what I want to.

      IF you really wish to use my sources, then there is a distribution fee involved. And this is perfectly legal and within the framework of the GPLv2 License.

      You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and
      you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee.”

      I don’t feel “obliged” to help those Kanging and thieving dim wits any longer. I’m not going to post my source unless a distribution fee is paid.

      Xtreme kernel can’t easily rename it and call it his own (without credit or acknowledgement), supported by KennyG and his cronies . . .. They can go build their own half-baked clones . . .


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      1. Nope. My builds are released within the legal framework of the GPLv2 License. As I said, there’s a distribution fee involved for my time and effort. That amount is to be determined on application. If you don’t like that, then take it up with the license. Do you get that?

        Edit: those idiots never learn . . . . read or actually comprehend the reality of what they try to preach. Ha

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  6. v7.4.1 release for all supported G928* variant.

    Note: F2FS support discontinued. All newest source merged into respective variant branches with a tonne of other stuff.

    Probably last release before Christmas or maybe this year.

    Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Hello upintheair, i have a little work for you.
    Do you have the possibility to disable the input booster, or maybe if you can teach me if there is a sysfs with i can modify or block to disable it?
    Because i’m using ktoonservative governor, and i see always the same freqs as interactive, i’m meaning, when i touch the screen ca53 goest to 1296 and ca57 goes to 1200, so, experience is smooth but, it changes the correct ramp up of the governor

    I would have the best battery ever, so i need a complete possibility of change the ramp up logic

    Thankyou as always for your great work!


    1. Actually “input booster” driver is not compiled . . . . You only have separate input boost functions for :

      “pen”, etc etc

      The sysfs to disable is not writable, and I haven’t looked into it. Most of it is tied into HMP as well.

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      1. That’s why i still have the same frequency use for the most of the time
        what governor do you use? Do you have your own sysfs configuration of the governor?

        P.s. i’m using ktoonconservative with 20ms of sampling, 5% of ramp up and down and all cores on as like the interactive
        And i have a quite good battery, but i would have more and more

        Thankyou for your great kernel!


  8. NOTICE: ALL SM-G928* support is discontinued. I don’t have your device, and my friend has sold his. So tht is that.

    I’m sure you’ll find a crappy knock-off over at Kangland, but that’s the reality afraid.

    Thanks for being a part of this journey. Good luck.

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