Welcome to SkyHigh Kernel

Custom kernels for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6Edge Plus & Galaxy Tab-S 8.4 mobile devices


Firstly, a BIG welcome to my new home for SkyHigh kernels. I’m UpInTheAir, renowned for my no-nonsense attitude in support and development of my custom Android kernels.

I decided to distribute my contributions using a fresh outlook, free of the hypocrisy forced upon me that’s abundant in many other sites and forums. . .

Please enjoy the creativity and originality I try to implement into my builds. Many others at Kangland (aka XDA) have either :

  1. kanged and deliberately withheld credit
  2. STOLEN exclusive and © Copyright material

Be aware, as the copyright holder, I still do commit everything to a private repo(s), so as to maintain history and authorship of all intellectual property rights I claim. Stealing my hard-earned credit or my exclusive material is illegal and does not encourage me in the slightest to share or collaborate. This goes for those morons (aka KennyG123) that display an open arrogance and fabrication of lies to support such behavior. . . 

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